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Journal Article

Business Model Evolution in IA IC Support Centres and the Role of Market‑Making  pp481-488

Iain Russell

© Aug 2009 Volume 7 Issue 4, ECIC 2009, Editor: Christiaan Stam, Daan Andriessen, pp397 - 534

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This paper addresses some of the issues for 'migrating' the 'business model of IA IC support centres depending upon the developing nature of their roles over time. It explores how centres may be sustained over a sufficient period of time to impact economically at a local, regional or national level. In state or project‑funded centres it is sometimes difficult to maintain levels of funding over a sustained period of time due to the 'project' nature of many funding schemes. Indeed many of the initiatives in this field globally over the last 10‑15 years have been noticeably transient. As a consequence the assets which might be created are not adequately transferred to more long‑lasting bodies which might be able to exploit them further. To strategically manage a centre often means looking for business models which can sustain the work of the centre over a period of time longer than projects (in excess of five years) to create economic impacts. The paper therefore particularly reflects upon the role of such centres in market‑making (or maybe more accurately market‑proving) should such a role be envisaged for it. The rationale which may lead to the need to explore the making or proving of a market in IA IC support is reviewed as well as the drivers for strategy adjustment which may lead to role changes for support centres. Roles which might bear market return as against those which are unlikely to have commercial returns are examined in the paper. The barriers to making changes in the business model are explored as well as the potential benefits for the users of such centres as well as their funders. The exit routes for the public sector are reviewed. The paper should assist in helping other centres with similar issues. The paper suggests further areas of research for scholars to help illuminate some of the issues which are highlighted in the paper.


Keywords: commercialisation market-making intangibles intellectual assets intellectual capital business models


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